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Winter wonderland in the untouched nature above the arctic circle.

Experience a true arctic lifestyle

Valuable time spent with your friends, family or collegues. Learning about our culture by living it. Dog sledding, reindeer herding and a roadtrip to the northernmost point of Norway is just some of the activities we have in store for you. Up close and personal.

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See the rise, feel the take

enjoy the sound of a screaming reel

Fish private beats on the famous river Lakselva

Lakselva is home to some of the biggest Atlantic Salmon in the world. And they will not give in without a fight. Luckily the sun never sets, so you dont have to either. But when you do need a rest, our fishing lodges have everything you need to be comfortable.

summer ilo

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Our philosophy

”Silence is a privilege” is our mantra, and silence to us is more than a way of describing a moment of quietness and solely listening to the sound of nature itself.

Silence is a powerful sound, but also a breathaking view;
Like the sight of endless white planes and views of ”nothing”.

Silence is a language we all know;
Like the unspoken understandment between you and you dogteam.

Silence is a feeling of adrenaline; Like the speachlessnes when encountering the forces and phenomena in nature.

We believe that sometimes we need silence to make us aware of all the wonders around us. To clear our senses and make space for new joyful moments. Big and small.

We do not offer mass produced experiences. We welcome our guests into our daily life. We keep it on the low. We keep it simple. Silence is a privilege.


We are hosts, we are guides, this is our ILO

Arctic Ilo is a small family run business located Lakselv. Arctic Ilo is all about enjoying the arctic nature and the moments and experiences it provides.

We take great joy in living so close to the arctic nature we are surrounded by and the community around it.
This is what we want to share with others. Both summer and winter.

Hans Petter
Ilo for me is when I can bring people into my environment. To see their reaction of experiencing the northern lights or joining a dog team for the first time. When all stress disappears and you can savour the pure joy and excitement.
Ilo for me is the peacefulness I feel when I´m out in nature. The atmosphere by the campfire. All the sounds in the silence. Only you and the elements, living in this moment. It makes time stand still. It is freedom.

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Looking forward to your visit


We strive to give you a truly unique experience in the heart of Porsanger. This is not a fast paced city. No rush hour. Just an authentic way of life north of the arctic circle. Please don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Postal address: Sagveien 9, 9700 Lakselv

Phone: +47 920 40 951